Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Beach Retreat

This past weekend we have the pleasure of going to the beach with The Mims and The McKinnons.  It was such a great time to get away and relax and enjoy the beach.  We took Friday off and headed down Thursday night.  Friday morning the guys headed out deep sea-fishing while we parked ourselves on the beach.  We all we able to read a lot (and it was kinda nice to have a day where the guys did not ask us to get in the water every 5 minutes)!

They caught lots of fish and came home that night to cook the Fresh Catch of the Day. Snapper was on the menu for dinner and it was delicious. Thank you Clayton for cooking the fish!

While being at the beach we celebrated Ted’s Birthday.  He turned the BIG 25 on Sunday and is now a 1/4 of a century old.  Please excuse the cake (long story ordering a cake from the Walmart at the beach)!  We cut the cake after the long day of fishing and the guys were exhausted. Happy Birthday Ted!100_1215 Saturday morning it was raining when we woke up – but no worries as soon as the rain stopped we were all out on the beach.  Look at the beautiful rainbow that was in the sky, I am not sure how you can look at this and say there is no God. 100_1216 We stayed on the beach until late Saturday and then came in to get ready for dinner.  We headed to Salt Water Grill and then played some Miniature Golf after dinner.

Thanks Mims and McKinnons for a great trip with great friends.  We will have to do it again soon!

** Shealy and Laura Ann have other pictures – but this was all that was on my camera.

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