Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lack of Posts/Need your Input

I apologize for the lack of post lately. 

Work has been busy (a good busy)!  We are preparing for a conference for work, starting new projects, and trying to maintain current systems – It is always exciting around here.

Our weekends have been full with family events, moving Ted into his office, Easter and all sorts.  Life has been busy but I would rather be busy than bored.  I have been posting a good bit at Ways to Save in Lee County and forgetting about my blog. I will try and do better.

So – done with my lame excuses!

I need your help.  I will be going on 2 trips within the next month and a half to places I have never been. 

1. I am going to Iowa State University in Des Moines, Iowa for a conference with work for 6 days and I will have a few nights to see the sights and such.  Do you have any suggestions of things to do in Des Moines?

(If you happen to think of Ted that week – call him – I am sure he will be lonely and hungry :) )

2. The following week, Ted has a business trip to Los Angeles, CA he must take and I have decided to join him.  I will work remotely some during the day (and he will be in his meetings) but I am hoping that we can find some fun things to do at night.  Any ideas or fun things/places in Los Angeles that I must not miss?  I actually think his meeting is about 30 miles from Los Angeles – but I am not sure. It is definitely close enough to enjoy some sight-seeing adventures while we are there.