Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Way to Earn More Swagbucks For Everyone

imageBRAND NEW Swag Bucks toolbar:  the new toolbar was released this morning and is compatible with IE, Firefox and Safari.  

Members will be able to log into to their account through the new toolbar and in addition be able to track their points through the toolbar. 

Additionally, in September, EVERY SINGLE DAY, they will release a special "Swag Code" through the toolbar.   The only way to get the code is by having the toolbar installed.
By the end of the month, those that have installed the toolbar should be able to rack up 30 FREE SWAG BUCKS!

So – What do you need to do?

If you are already a member of Swagbucks – download the New Toolbar and get the free code each day of September.

If you are new to SwagBucks – Now is the time to join.  Go here and sign-up and here to see the benefits.  You can enter the Code: ashleyswag to receive 3 bucks for signing up and 2 for entering my code.  Then download the toolbar and you can earn at least 35 swag bucks this month.  that is almost enough for a $5.00 Gift Card to Amazon.

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