Friday, February 20, 2009

Why use Google - When you can Earn with Swagbucks?

Search & Win

How many times during a day do you go to Google and search for things? If you are anything like me - then that is multiple times. Let me introduce you to a site called It is a site where you can earn points (which equals $$ in your pockets) while you search. This site is powered by Google - so when you search here you receive the exact same retuns as you would by using Google.

What are the benefits?
- The main benefit is that you receive points for using this search engine site and then you can trade your points in their 'store' to receive items.

What items are available?
- Just about anything that you can think of -- Gift Cards are my favorite

How do I earn points so I can get free things too?
- Go to this link and register (It Free) :
- I suggest that you make it your default site to search with so that you will break the habit of going to

If you have any questions - please ask! Have a great Friday!

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