Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coupon Cutter

OK -- I know that the economy is not at its Highest Point -- so everyone is looking for ways to save money, especially around the Christmas season. I am a coupon cutter -- I always have been, but am learning more that there are really good deals out there - sometimes you just have to hunt for them. I am going to share some of the great deals that I have come across this morning. It does not matter what store that you shop at - you can always find good deals.

I think the key is also getting manfacturer's coupons too -- I get mine off the Internet and they are free -- i do not even pay any membership fees.

I usually go to Winn-Dixie, just because it is closet to my house -- but it works anywhere.
All of these deals are until 11/18:
Key #1: Winn-Dixie is Doubling Coupons -- ALL Week Long (This is HUGE)

Deal #1: Normally a pack of Oreos is 3.99 - it is on sale this week for 2.99. I have a coupon
for .75 off (x2 - double coupon) So 3.99-1.00-.75-.75 = 1.49 for a pack of Oreo's.
Regular Price: 3.99
What We Pay: 1.49
Save: 2.50

Deal #2: Winn-Dixie has buy 1 Nabisco products get one free (like Nilla wafers, Graham Crackers, Wheat Thins, etc). I estimate they are around 3.99 per box. I have a save $1.00 on TWO boxes of Nabisco Crackers (great we are already getting 2). But we get to double that coupon -- So, 3.99-2.00 = 1.99 for TWO boxes of Nabisco Crackers
Regular Price: 7.98
What We Pay: 1.99
Save: 5.99

Deal #3: You can buy Chex Mix Cereal (all flavors) for 4/$10.00. If you use your Winn-Dixie card -- you get $4.00 back -> So 4/$6.00. I have a coupon for 1.00 off when you buy 2 Chex Mix Cereal's. Well I can use 2 of those coupons (because I am already getting 4 boxes) and double those coupons.
Regular Price: 3.99 * 4 = 15.96
What We Pay: $2.00 for FOUR boxes of cereal
Save: 13.96

I definately will not eat 4 boxes of Check Mix Cereal anytime soon -- but with the Holidays coming up -- making homemade Chex Mix to take to friends house's will be great -- and it is Cheap!

I really enjoy looking at the coupons each week -- It is a fast and easy way to save some $$$!


Tyler Asbury said...

Hey Ashley! I just saw your blog and love getting the update! I hope yall are doing well- Maybe I'll get to run into you on one of my visits home! Love the village by the way- Your house is going to look great!

kpmantooth said...

You GO girl! I do a lot of on-line coupon hunting as well!