Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Is Coming To Our House

...Or at least the Christmas Dishes are! I decided the other night that it would be a good idea to go ahead and get the Christmas Dishes out for the Holidays. We have 2 sets of Christmas China (one formal and one casual) that we only use/display less than 2 months out of the year. I think that is crazy. So, I decided that we should attempt to get our money out of them this year. I will post pictures of the tables later.

I really love the Christmas Season and get really excited about getting all of the decorations out of the closets and attic. I really wanted to go ahead and get more Christmas decorations out -- but I will stick with the dishes for now. Ted said before he knew it - it would be Christmas all year round with the way that I like to decorate for Christmas.

I think the next project I will tackle is putting out all of my Snow Village. I am not sure who all is familiar with Snow Village -- but I LOVE it!. This is a tradition that I have inherited from my mom. I have grown up setting up the WHOLE village -- (mom has TONS of houses) -- so much my granddad built a special arrange that my dad puts together each year for the display center. But it is really special as my Dad has a train that my mom have him the Christmas after they were engaged that goes around Mom's village. So -- it was only appropriate that my First gift after Ted and I got engaged was the Bride and Groom Snow Village people that go outside the Chapel. Ted knew he was doomed. Ted would definately say that this was his Least favorite part about Christmas. I only have around 6 houses right now -- he thinks now is bad -- it will only get worse!

My goal is by Thanksgiving to have everything decorated for Chirstmas except the Tree -- We will probably do that and the Outside House decorations after Thanksgiving -- (or really whenever I can con Ted into doing it!) Have a great day!

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