Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You Know You are Getting Old When...

You get really excited about a New Vacuum Cleaner! You guessed it --

We got a new Vacuum cleaner last night. Our old one gave up on us (it was about time - as it was my Aunt's old one she gave us when we got married)! I know nothing about how to purchase a Vacuum cleaner - my only criteria is that it cleans my carpets. Ted and I walked into the store spent all of 5 minutes before making a decision. We basically pointed and said OK! When we got home - Ted put it together and then did the honors of Vacuuming the entire house (I think I may have just found another hobby for him)! After the 1st go around - I am very pleased considering we did ZERO research!
When do you realize that you are Getting Old?

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Anne Adrian said...

You know you're getting old when the newest employee's husband says "Yes Ma'am" to you :)

You're young, girl! Enjoy your life and clean carpets while you can!