Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ever seen the Police pull over a Tiger Transit?

What about being pulled over due to what was done to you????

A few weeks ago -- there were a few of us girls talking about if we had any Tiger Transit stories. I however did not --- Until this Morning!

This morning I had just gotten onto campus - but had yet made it to the parking lot. I was at a 4-way stop and I was in the left-turn lane and there was a Tiger Transit in the lane next to me (right turn lane). It came my turn to go -- and the next thing I know the Tiger Transit has cut me off and is turning in front of me to the LEFT. It was a good thing that I was paying attention - I slammed in brakes to keep from hitting it (Obviously it would have been their fault -- but who needs that?)! The next thing I know a Police Officer pulls up next to me (in the lane the Tiger Transit was in) and motions for me to roll my window down. He says, "Mam - The bus just turned in front of you from the wrong lane - correct?" I said "yes" -- and he said -- "Let me turn in front of you." --

And so - this is where the police officer pulls over the Tiger Transit!

It just so happens the police officer turning onto the street as the Tiger Transit cut me off -- and saw where they almost caused a wreck with me and -- The officer was not happy!

Thanks AU Police for keeping us safe!


The Mims said...

Gotta love those Auburn Policemen!

kpmantooth said...

Yikes!! I'm proud you were really watching!